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(are-d-vent) Soul-stirring, epic orchestral armies of sweeping soundscapes and delicate chamber music ninjas to help you tell your story with class and distinction.


(sigh-a-knob) Voyage to the unchartered depths of outer and inner space on the wings of Moog, Korg, and Yamaha vintage and modern synths. From ambient underscore to pounding in-your-face action.

Wormhole Waiting Room, is a thoughtful, evocative soundscape.

review quote I've been mostly listening to Wormhole Waiting Room when I do focus work at the computer. ... Spacey and dreamy, some really nice keyboard and synth sounds that bring to mind my dad's old Tomita LPs. ... This one will be in regular ambient rotation, along with my favorite Cryo Chamber releases. Favorite track: Thorstorm".—Max Dread via Bandcamp

the Flugeltinis

(floo-gal-teenies) Instrumental jazz and blues features the warm blanket of saxes, trumpets, trombones and yes, even flugel horns that weave in and out of your consciousness. It's the audio equivilant of 3am with more than a few cocktails.

Members of the Flugeltinis have been playing live in the area for years, as part of Steely Dan cover bands, jazz trios, and solo performances.

independent memes

A "meme" (meem) is an atomic unit of idea that is transmitted from one person to another. The independent memes perform progressive, quirky rock with searing guitars and walls of keyboards. Progressive rock with splashes of ambient textures, jazz and blues. Best listened to in a "relaxed," even "altered," state of mind. Turn it up. Settle in. Enjoy.


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"Good music invites you in and lets you breathe its strange, special air."
— Leonard Bernstein
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    Strange & Special Air Productions is a project of best-selling, award-winning author Andy Hunt. Andy has written over a dozen books from science fiction and horror to software engineering and cognitive science. He's been making music since MIDI was invented, and combines elements from bands such as Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Styx, Porcupine Tree, and classic rock and jazz standards.

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