We make your music sound as awesome as it can. Careful management of tonal spectrum, transients, and psycho-acoustics can take a flat or so-so mix and make it leap from your speakers with new dimension and clarity.

Some online mixing and mastering services just run your tracks through a bunch of presets. Not us: we run your track through a set of actual, physical ears, attached to a reasonably clever brain.

What will it cost me?

Email us now at quote@strangespecial.com and tell us what you’re up to.

Why “Strange and Special Air”?

We’re all about the sweet sound and power of good music, and take our company name from the quote by famous conductor Leonard Bernstein:

“Good music invites you in and lets you breathe its strange, special air.”—Leonard Bernstein.

Contact Info:

Request a quote: quote@strangespecial.com
Licensing inquiries: license@strangespecial.com
General inquiries: contact@strangespecial.com

Just some of the brand-name equipment in use. Plus the most important gear of all: ears.