"Good music invites you in and lets you breathe its strange, special air." — Leonard Bernstein



Voyage to the unchartered depths of outer and inner space on the wings of Moog, Korg, and Yamaha vintage and modern synths. More interesting than ambient, not as intrusive as EDM. 

I've been mostly listening to Wormhole Waiting Room when I do focus work at the computer. ... Spacey and dreamy, some really nice keyboard and synth sounds that bring to mind my dad's old Tomita LPs. ... This one will be in regular ambient rotation, along with my favorite Cryo Chamber releases. Favorite track: Thorstorm.—Max Dread via Bandcamp

Wormhole Waiting Room (2021)

psyaknob's 2021 album, Wormhole Waiting Room, is a thoughtful, evocative soundscap. More interesting than typical ambient music, but still more minimalist than pop or EDM, this album is the soundtrack of anticipation. Waiting for the great adventure to come, but not waiting alone—your fellow passengers hail from strange planets and other parts of the galaxy. Some upbeat, some apprehensive.

  1. Thorstorm — A mighty traveler drums their fingers impatiently, waiting with the same anticipation as everyone else.
  2. The Hanger — The open space hums with the comings and goings of smaller craft.
  3. Station K1 — Strange visitors circle the massive space station just outside the wormhole
  4. Cold Sunrise — It's the morning of the journey, shards of sunlight and solar winds emerge just beyond the edge of the mysterious planet
  5. Night Landing — New passengers arrive in the peace of the night, somber and reflective
  6. Leporidae — Small, furry aliens gather to await their transit
  7. Serpentes Ambassador — Rich, powerful, and strange, the Ambassador announces his presence
  8. Airlock — From the familiar warmth of the station to the alien cold of the void, the journey begins

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